how to get fit and healthy naturally

*Let me teach you how to eliminate illnesses and stay fit and healthy.  

*With my Quantum  Resonance Analyzer and Zyto Scanner I can identify what your body needs and give advise on how to get these nutrients back into your body to build up your immune system so that you can recover from illness or stop any illness from developing.

* You will naturally lose weight without having to be on a diet plan.



Mobile No: 07826 435 338

Price is £100.00 (promotional price) for initial consultation and Zyto scanning which takes 2 hours of discussion with a Natural Health Practitioner. This does not include health products that has been identified by the scan that your body may need to bring your body back into range.
Subsequent scans will be £50.00 per hour excluding health products. HOWEVER THERE IS NOW A PROMOTIONAL PRICE OF £100.00 and even further discount for recommending a friend. FURTHERMORE SCANNING CAN BE DONE USING AN EXTERNAL CRADLE AND COMMUNICATING WITH PRACTITIONER VIA ZOOM

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