Certified Natural health & Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

As a Natural Health Practitioner I know I can help you back to pristine health.  Toxemia is   the cause of all diseases.  People intoxicate themselves in two ways:  from within the body. Or  from  what we take into the body from the outside, due traditional foods such as flesh eating or foods that are incorrectly combined.  People are suffering from arthritis, gout, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, cancer and many other diseases that could be avoided and can be reversed if you know how without the aid of medical doctors’ prescription drugs  which only suppress the problem and causes other problems to develop.



By changing your lifestyle you can reverse  the relentless descent of diseases.  My role is to teach the sufferer how to remove these lifestyle causes of disease and allow the body to body to heal itself. REMOVE THE CAUSE AND THERE WILL BE NO  SYMPTOM“.  WITHOUT THE  NEED FOR MEDICATION.


The Zyto scan and the Bio resonance scanner can identify problems developing in your body before it happens. Because of our diet and lifestyle people are developing all form of diseases, but with the right teaching one would learn how to completely reverse it or prevent the problem from becoming worsened.  These scanner identifies what your body is lacking. 


Natural Health Practitioner identify Seven Stages of Disease. 

  • The first stage the sufferer does not feel his normal self but not sure what is going on.  The scanner will pick these problems up.
  • The second stage the sufferer feels tired, run-down and out of it.
  • The third stage the sufferer can feel exhausted, queasy, irritable, itchy and even irrational and hostile.   
  • The fourth stage is Inflammation which is leading to death of cells.  It is at this stage the sufferer begins to feel pain.
  • The fifth stage is Ulceration and tissues are destroyed.
  • The six stage- chronic inflammation with bouts of acute inflammation.
  • The seventh stage is irreversible degeneration and or fungation (CANCER)


There are two sources of toxemia.

Endogenous toxin – from within and

Exogenous toxin – from outside the body.

As a Natural Hygienist I will teach you how these are developed and how to get rid of these toxins from the body.

THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM pumps fluid with toxic waste and acidic protein out of the tissue spaces each time the tissues are compressed.  The lymphatic system is a vital system for our long term health and I will teach the importance of this important system of the body and how to use it fully.




What we eat affects the body’s pH  balance.  Like every animal in nature, humans are also made for a specific diet and by moving away from our natural diet problems will occur in  our bodies. The human homeostatic condition is alkaline with essential body fluids having a pH of 7.40.  An acidic body fluid is very harmful to human health. For human’s the body needs to maintain a homeostatic condition that is virtually all alkaline.


Natural Hygiene is the only system that centres its entire teaching around the one and only thing that will bring natural, true, and lasting health and the restoration of high nerve energy through a total program of healthful living practices.  

The only way to have health  is to supply the conditions of health and to stop poisoning yourself.  Eventually your nerve energy will be restored by the correct living practices.


Natural Hygiene is based on the natural law of life, and of the physiological realities of bodily functions in which there are ten fundamental elements of health.

There are immune enhancers that will help you to fight again diseases and there are immune suppressors.  As a Natural Hygienist I would teach you how to enhance your immune system so that you can be strong enough to fight against any disease that might be developing in the body.  Also the scanners will identify the weak areas in your body that needs improvement.

Benefits of MY PROGRAM

The benefits of this program is that if you adhere to this natural health program you will avoid diseases that is so common in the world today.  You will develop a better understanding of the causes of disease even cancer. 

You will not have to worry again about being overweight and there will be no need to do a diet programme because your natural  diet will enable you to maintain your correct weight.

This programme will improve your health or eliminate the problem completely.  You will have health and longevity with no pains.